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MBA Chai Wala Net Worth | Prafull Billore

Prafull Billore stands as a shining example of determination, resilience, and the power of dreams. He is an inspiration for those who aspire to make a mark in society, an idol for aspiring entrepreneurs, and a beacon of hope for those who face financial constraints. Prafull Billore has achieved something truly extraordinary, something that seems out of reach for most ordinary individuals. In today’s generation, finding someone like him is a rare gem.

Prafull Billore’s journey to success has been marked by numerous challenges and setbacks. At the tender age of 20, he faced a major setback when he failed the CAT exam, a crucial milestone for many aspiring management professionals. However, instead of allowing disappointment to consume him, he made the bold decision to leave his studies behind and embark on a path of his own making. Seeking to understand the world better and the behavior of its people, he ventured into different cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, absorbing their unique flavors and gaining invaluable insights along the way.

While Prafull Billore had a job at McDonald’s, he couldn’t find contentment in the corporate world. Feeling a deep sense of dissatisfaction, he took the courageous step to resign from his job. With a determined spirit and an unwavering belief in himself, he set out on an unconventional path. After 50 days of soul-searching, he made a life-altering decision – to open a humble tea stall.

The initial days were not easy for Prafull Billore. On the first day, he earned nothing, leaving him disheartened and questioning his choices. However, fortune smiled upon him on the second day when he received a modest sum of Rs.300. From that day forward, Prafull Billore’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He refused to look back and forged ahead with unwavering dedication and hard work.

Prafull Billore’s indomitable spirit and relentless pursuit of success have garnered widespread admiration across the globe. Today, he is known as MBA Chai Wala, a moniker that encapsulates his unique story. As of 2023, Prafull Billore’s net worth stands at an impressive $3 million, a testament to his entrepreneurial prowess and unwavering dedication. His income continues to grow with each passing year, further solidifying his position as a successful businessman.

However, beyond his financial achievements, Prafull Billore’s true worth lies in the impact he has had on countless lives. His story has touched and inspired people from all walks of life, proving that with determination and a steadfast belief in oneself, anything is possible. Prafull Billore’s journey is a reminder that success is not reserved for the privileged few but is within reach for those who dare to dream and persevere against all odds.

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Prafull Billore, a born entrepreneur from the enchanting Dhar district nestled in the heart of the Malwa region in Madhya Pradesh. Prafull, fondly known as MBA Chai Wala, embarked on a remarkable journey that would forever change his life and make him a household name.

Born on the 14th of January in 1996, Prafull Billore’s birth marked the beginning of a story that would be told and retold for generations to come. From a young age, Prafull displayed an innate passion and talent for business, and his ambitions were as vast as the open sky. However, like many young individuals, he found himself caught in the crossroads of family expectations and personal dreams.

Prafull’s family held high hopes for his future, envisioning a path paved with academic success and a prestigious MBA degree. Succumbing to the pressures of his loved ones, he joined a private college to pursue higher education. Yet, his heart yearned for something different—a calling that beckoned him to explore the world of entrepreneurship.

Real NamePrafull Billore
Famous asMBA Chai Wala
Date of Birth14 January 1996
Age27 years
HometownDhar, Madhya Pradesh, India
BirthplaceDhar, Madhya Pradesh, India
Current AddressIndore, Madhya Pradesh
ProfessionEntrepreneur and Businessman
Father NameSohan Billore
Mother NameUnknown
Brother NameVivek Billore
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameShreya Billore
ChildrenMiransh Billore
CollegeDevi Ahilya Vishyavidyalaya (DAVV) Indore
Education QualificationBachelor of Commerce (B.Com) and MBA (dropout)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Language KnownEnglish and Hindi


Prafull Billore had a clear vision from the very beginning – he wanted to start his own business. Unfortunately, he faced a lack of support from his family, which led him to enroll in an MBA University. However, he quickly realized that his heart wasn’t in his studies, and he made the tough decision to drop out of college. Uncertain about the type of business he wanted to pursue, he decided to immerse himself in the bustling metro cities to gain a deeper understanding of the market.

To make ends meet, Prafull took up a job at McDonald’s, earning a meager Rs. 200 per hour. The job left him frustrated and restless as his mind kept wandering back to his entrepreneurial aspirations. After 50 days of continuous contemplation, he finally mustered the courage to quit his job and follow his dreams. He took a leap of faith and opened a tea stall.

But this was no ordinary tea stall. Prafull introduced a unique scheme on Valentine’s Day, offering free tea to bachelors. This creative approach attracted more customers and word spread about his special tea stall. To further enhance its popularity, he began selling tea in English, catering to a wider audience.

Prafull’s inspiring journey didn’t stop there. He emerged as a motivational speaker, sharing his experiences and encouraging young people not to lose hope but to persevere in their endeavors. He recently appeared on the Sandeep Maheshwari Show, where he inspired countless individuals to stay focused and committed to their work.

Today, Prafull Billore, also known as the “MBA Chai Wala,” runs a successful franchise business. With a franchise fee of Rs. 3 Lakhs and an impressive annual turnover of Rs. 5 crores, he has achieved remarkable success. Prafull is not only an entrepreneur but also an influential figure in the world of social media, boasting 1.5 million Instagram followers and 280k Twitter followers.

Prafull Billore’s story serves as a testament to the power of determination and unwavering resolve. He has shown that with the right mindset and relentless pursuit of one’s goals, anything is possible. Prafull’s journey reminds us that no dream is too big to achieve.

Source of IncomeIncome
YoutubeNot specified
FranchisesNot specified
Selling TeaNot specified
Attending EventsNot specified
Motivational LecturesNot specified
Other SourcesNot specified
Per-Day Income1.5 lakhs
Monthly Income45 lakhs


Prafull Billore’s remarkable journey from a frustrated McDonald’s employee to a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker is a testament to the power of determination and unwavering belief in one’s dreams. Despite facing initial obstacles and a lack of family support, Prafull refused to let go of his entrepreneurial aspirations. He took bold steps, dropping out of college and immersing himself in the market to gain valuable insights.

With courage and creativity, he opened a unique tea stall that attracted customers and gained popularity through innovative schemes and English tea offerings. Today, Prafull’s franchise business flourishes, and he continues to inspire others through his motivational speaking engagements. Prafull Billore’s story teaches us that with strong determination, perseverance, and a refusal to give up, there are no limits to what one can achieve.

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