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Nick Carter’s Mother Jane Schneck Arrested for Battery After Dispute With Husband

It’s a sad day for the Carter family as Jane Schneck, mother of famous singers Nick and the late Aaron Carter, was arrested for battery after an altercation with her husband over the TV’s volume. According to law enforcement sources, Schneck had been drinking and got into a heated argument with her husband over the remote control. It escalated quickly, with Schneck allegedly grabbing her husband’s wrist. Her husband then called the police, who arrived and arrested her.

It’s not the only legal trouble the Carter family is facing at the moment. Nick Carter, a member of the Backstreet Boys, is also dealing with his own legal woes. He’s facing a sexual assault and battery lawsuit filed by former Dream singer Melissa Schuman. She accused him of performing oral sex on her against her will back in 2003, and forcing her to reciprocate. She also claimed that Nick took her virginity even though she had told him she was saving herself for marriage.

Nick has denied these allegations, and in February he filed a countersuit against Schuman and another woman named Shannon Ruth. He accused them of defamation and extortion, claiming that they were involved in a “conspiracy” against him. However, the California law that went into effect earlier this year has revived sexual assault claims and extended the statute of limitations for reporting them, meaning that Nick could face further legal action.

It’s a tough time for the Carter family, but hopefully they can find a way to overcome these challenges and move forward. It’s never easy when family members are involved in legal disputes, but it’s important to remember that everyone deserves their day in court and to be heard. We’ll be keeping an eye on this story as it develops, and we hope that everyone involved can find a way to resolve their differences peacefully.

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