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Willi Resetarits Dies in Car Accident

Wilhelm Resetarits known as Willi Resetarits and Dr. Kurt Ostbahn is an Austrian singer, Comedian artist and human rights activist.

He was born on December 21, 1948 in Stinatz, Austria.

The recruiters began their careers in 1969 as part of the political rock band Schmetterlinge, which represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in London in 1977.

He achieved his success in the 1980s when he developed the character of the Ostbahn-Kurti stage and sang famous titles in the Viennese dialect.

Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire” became “Feia” and treated the rhythm and blues classic “I Hear You Knocking” as “I hea di klopfen”. The performers also returned to the traditional Viennese song and gave it a good dose of blues.

In 2019, the musician received the honorary prize of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate in the German cabaret awards.

The actor was recently transferred to the Refugees.

According to reports, Willi Resetarits died on April 24, 2022 in Vienna at the age of 73.

He had an accident on Sunday. Willi Resetarits’ death was confirmed by his friend musician Vusa Mkhaya on Twitter.

Vusa Mkhaya twit; “I invited you to the stage yesterday to sing a song with me, I didn’t know it would be your last song. I’ll see you, my friend. RIP #WilliResetarits “.

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